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At age 18 years old, Tim* came with a little backpack to the old European city of Lviv, for one purpose: To study at one of the best Music Academy of Central Europe! After successfully passing all his examinations Tim started an in-depth learning composition and instrumentation program. Studying at the Department of symphonic conducting and composition Tim learned various music styles and genres, features and use of symphonic instruments.


In pursuit of his dream of becoming a film composer, Tim eventually moved to California. While taking care of his family during his first years in California, Tim worked as a jazz piano player in restaurants throughout San Francisco while also working as a music director and instructor of different music bands in addition to doing some teaching as a guitar and piano teacher. During this time Tim also continually worked on his style of composition often spending all night on his compositions.

* - Tim Vine is a stage name, real name is Dmytro Lytvynenko

Welcome to the Official website of composer Tim Vine 


Voltige I Music by Tim Vine

In 2019 after having acquired all his professional music equipment for his complete music studio (which he named "Tim Vine Music Studio"), Tim got two credits for two professional films - “The Hall” and “Undeserved Life”.


Presently Tim continues the active collaboration with many film directors and composers in the US and Western Europe, working hard on different film projects as a composer and symphonic conductor. 

The Hall - Last Episode I Music by Tim Vine
Spider Man - Game Trailer I Music by Tim Vine
James Bond - Demo version I Music by Tim Vine
Vivace - Trailer I Music by Tim Vine
Super Lucky's Tale - Game Trailer I Music by Tim Vine

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