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A Bit About Me

It so happened that I accepted Jesus at almost the same time I picked up an acoustic guitar. Afterward, I always felt that God called me to serve Him and use my musical abilities. At 12 years old God helped me to make my first Worship team which consisted of teenagers of about my age.

After graduating from the Music college as a Guitar teacher and performer with the highest honors I went to the Music Academy as a Symphonic conductor without entrance exams. I will probably always remember my first rehearsal with a symphonic orchestra: steady eyes of musicians, magnificent and expressive sound of an orchestra, and their response to your hand movements.

I was very impressed by the mysterious power of the orchestra. I kept thinking about how much this power can be useful for worship in Churches. I was aware that for Churches using symphonic orchestras is not the main focus. But these thoughts I couldn't get off my mind...

At the present time, I work as a composer and always look for ways to compose professional score music for Christian movies, soundtracks, and arrangements for Christian songs. I believe that's my calling and my service to God.

Worship Set at the Temple Baptist Church, San Francisco:

My participation as a piano player at New North Church, San Bruno:

My family:


Worship Team of the Temple Baptist Church, San Francisco.

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